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A small family operated resort offering kiteboarding, adventue, Philippino cultural experience and a friendly laid back atmosphere.

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Please feel to browse the albums. We give a bit of pictorial history of various Coconut Shade facilities, accommodation, feature details as well as construction history. Every single bit that you see is hand made, constructed, plastered, nailed, lifted, dropped or tied. A lot of real sweat, some blood and yes, tears as well has gone into making Coconut Shade what it is today.





Tablas Island


You can find Tablas Island in the heart of the Philippine Romblon province. The relative isolation has preserved the unique cultural heritage and natural beauty of the island. Those looking for adventure will find abundance of places to explore but will also find that together with the friendly and welcoming nature of the Tablas Island people you will create warm and long lasting memories.

This is our Tablas Island





You will find our prices will be meant to motivate guests to visit and enjoy their time at Coconut Shade and on Tablas Island without going home broke. For us Coconut shade is not a profit center, its our way of life. If you really want to come but are struggling to afford it, please talk to us, we are sure to try to find a way. While you are here you are family. When you leave you are still family and we will be looking forward to your eventual return.


Item Description Price
Studio Cottage Perfect size to accommodate an adult couple. (can be outfitted with bunk beds for a group of up to 4 people) TBA
Single Bedroom Cottage Perfect size to accommodate an adult couple that like a bit more leg room. (can be outfitted with bunk beds for a group of up to 8 people) TBA
Two Bedroom Cottage Normally this cottage will accommodate two couples or a family with two children. (can be outfitted with bunk beds for a group of up to 12 people) TBA



Item Description Price
Half Day Kiteboarding Rental of a full set of gear you need to kiteboard! Kite, bar, harness, board. Depending on the wind half day morning or afternoon can take a lot of energy. TBA
Full Day Kiteboarding Rental of a full set of gear you need to kiteboard! Kite, bar, harness, board. Start as early as you like and return as late as you like. Have a fun day! TBA
Gear Rental Have your own gear but need just a board or some other piece of gear? No problem, we are here to make sure the wind doesnt go to waste. TBA
Kiteboarding Lessons Learn kiteboarding in a beautiful, safe and fun environment. A qualified and IKO certified teacher will take you from theory to on board fun and excitement. All you need is a wish to learn. TBA


Rentals, Tours and Other

Item Description Price
Scooter Suzuki Smash (115cc) or simillar daily rental. TBA
Motorbike CPI Motard (200cc) or simmilar daily rental. TBA
Jeep Modified high step Jeep Wrangler daily rental. TBA
Paddle Bangka Daily rental of native Bangka paddle boat. TBA
Motor Bangka Daily rental of native Bangka motor boat. (operator included) TBA
Guided Day Trips Guided day trips to various attractions around Tablas Island. TBA
Guided Camping Trips Guided multi day camping trips to various locations around Tablas Island. TBA
Cultural Experience Guided multi day trips or camping trips to various locations around Tablas Island. Visiting real families in their homes, sharing home cooked meals, experience the real Tablas Island native culture and welcome. TBA
Diving Tablas and vicinity has some really beautiful and unique diving spots. Depending on your level join in the experience with the best diving center on the island or learn with a PADI certified instructor. TBA



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This is where you can ask any question that comes to mind. You are welcome to request info regarding Coconut Shade, Tablas Island, nearby Boracay, Kiteboarding on the island or other places in the region. Availability and booking inquiries are welcome here.

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